Double Negative

by Down And Outs

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Album number five for us.
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Cassette and UK CD available from us. Download digitally from us or get from itunes, Amazon, Spotify and all that garbage.


released February 14, 2018

Produced by Mark Magill
Mixed by Andy Mason
Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory
Art by Max Amos
Layout by Nige Barnes
Photography by Brian Sayle

Mark Magill - vocals/guitar/piano
Chris Howard - bass/vocals
Morgan Brown - drums/vocals

Simon Turner played piano on You Can Have this Country Back


all rights reserved



Down And Outs Liverpool, UK

Punk rock band from Liverpool. Just three mates making music and playing a few gigs now and again.


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Track Name: Astoria
Did you wonder where the land it meets the sea
Did you wonder 'bout the distance between you and me


Is that noise in my head or the static on the radio
When the pain in my stomach and the rot in my gut say it’s time to go home
Track Name: Basingstoke
Are you happy that your choice is causing pain
Does it make it any easier when appropriating blame

We’re not the same

Do you think that you’re compassionate or kind
When the vulnerable, or the disabled are out of sight and out of mind
Track Name: Shot
I find it hard to have a good time
I’m at my best when I’m on my own time

And I’m feeling like I’ve got nothing left to say
And I’m feeling like I’ve been getting in the way

But things change when we’re together
I wish we could stay here forever

And I’m feeling like I’ve got nothing left to say
And I’m feeling like I’ve been getting in the way
And I’m feeling like I’m shot
And it might not be enough but that’s a lot
Track Name: You Can Have This Country Back
I can’t believe the words that you're saying and you are singing
Went to sleep in Great Britain, woke up in Little England
Austerity’s the measure they should be blaming not the immigrants
Pouring petrol on the fire to fuel the dissidence of ignorance

You can have your country back cos it doesn’t mean a fucking thing to me

Do you remember a time when things were better than before
When National Front graffiti was painted on the wall
Maybe it’s not just all condescending reminiscing
And dreaming of a whiter past they’ve convinced you you’ve been missing

And will you be the person that speaks up or buries their head under the sand
And will you be the person that wakes up and decides to take a stand
Track Name: Tea and Sympathy
We say words that we don’t mean
We do things we don’t believe
Every time at loggerheads we’re both convinced we’re right

At some point did we decide
Pride must be set aside
We’re working for a greater goal if there’s something wrong tonight

I don’t wanna be here anymore than you

We cut out what we don’t need
Like more tea and sympathy
Hospitals and waiting rooms, a lack of appetite

We roll in at half past three
It’s not got the best of me
I’m waiting for the phone to say there’s something wrong tonight

And if I leave this town will you still come round
And if I leave this town, take me tomorrow
Track Name: You're Still Here
We need a reason, we need somebody to blame
Had you been having those feelings, like you’re broken again
Was there anyway somehow, that we could have helped with the pain
Was it all too much now, for that tiny body to take

We’ve been wondering where you are
But you’re still here

Every day that we miss you we hold our hearts in our hands
We’ve been doing our best to try and understand
Track Name: What Did You do in the Culture Wars?
I can’t believe that the words were spoken
With such vigour that you must be broken

Are you feeling lonely
Are you feeling empty

To fill the air with unbridled hatred
And ignorance is a life wasted

Are you feeling lonely
Are you feeling empty

Words like these have got no place in this world today
Pricks like you have got no place in this world today
Track Name: Free
Did you have something else you had to do
Did we have nothing that could comfort you

You couldn’t mask the struggle but you hid the gravity
Were the words that you wanted to say blocked by your anxiety
And the worlds a poorer place without your personality
Well I hope you’re finally free

If you left something behind for us to use
You left a wellspring of memories of you
Track Name: Heartbreak Radio
You got sick of the sound of today
Your brain’s stuck in a tape you made for the one who got away

Could do with some inspiration here

It was a heartbreak radio, blasting out my stereo
And the music it showed me, showed me somewhere I could go

On that day when everything was wrong
You dialled into the frequency and found solace in the song

Could do with that inspiration here
Just some sound to make me disappear
Track Name: I Think I'm Falling Apart
You brought me in I helped you out
Arrive and leave with the same amount

And I’ve been dying of a broken heart
This is a cry for help, I’m falling apart

Prayed to a God I don’t believe in
Could not accept that you were leaving
Track Name: About Time
Trying to find an appropriate soundtrack
Looking for a feeling that I’m never gonna get back

I’ve been searching for something that I’ve never seen
Except in the pages of a magazine
Nostalgic for someone that I’ve never been

It’s about time that I finally found a way out of here

Did I run out of time am I always too late
Never gonna make that same mistake
Track Name: All in This Together
If those with the broadest shoulders they bear the greatest weight
Why are the weakest of us left to sit around and contemplate
While they’re walking to a food bank cos they’re sanctioned for a month
While the MPs never empty cos they’re subsidised for their own lunch

And if we’re all in this thing together
Why are we the only ones who are hurting

So keep the scroungers on the telly to fill our attention span
So we don’t question the bollocks of their long term economic plan
When the haves become the have nots, is when the penny drops
When a Tory’s in a job centre the irony is never lost

Lets hear them try to explain
Why we’re the only ones who have to change
Track Name: Norah Marie
You’re getting married today, I always thought I’d be the one
To know you forever and hold you in these arms
But I saw things that you just couldn’t see
I guess some things aren’t ever meant to be

You’re getting married today, well I’m glad you’re doing fine
Is it ten years since I’ve seen you I’ve been losing track of time
Back then it never made much sense to me
I guess some things aren’t ever meant to be

And sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago
In the stories of our lives we’re both reduced to cameos

You’re getting married today and I’m glad I found the one
To know me for forever and hold me in her arms
She’ll see things you’ll never get to see
I guess some things aren’t ever meant to be

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