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Our fourth album, released November 2013.

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released November 25, 2013

Chris Howard - Bass/Vocals
Mark Magill - Guitar/Vocals
Morgan Brown - Drums/Vocals

Produced by Mark Magill, Artwork by Jamie Morrison



all rights reserved


Down And Outs Liverpool, UK

Punk rock band from Liverpool. Just three mates making music and playing a few gigs now and again.


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Track Name: Waking Up
Did I have things all worked out, I guess I'll always wonder
Were my feet under the table, was the rug pulled under
And I'll cling to what they say, about a silver lining
But it doesn't make the days of silence any less tiring

Waiting for a plan to appear, walk in circles going nowhere

Waking up, it ain't getting easy
When there's nothing much worth waking up for

And I'll try to understand, I haven't lost all hope and
They say when one door closes, then another door opens

Am I just killing time, or is time just killing me
What am I gonna be

Waking up, it ain't getting easy
When there's nothing left worth waking up for
Track Name: Sinking Ship
Thought you'd be sheltered from the storm but it didn't work out
Thought you could stay here safe and warm now it's time to bail out
Well you can hold on if you want, I'm getting out of here
Now the waves are rising and those rats have got the right idea

Gotta get out, this place is a sinking ship
Keep telling yourself it'll be ok cos the water keeps rising anyway
It's a sinking ship and it's going down today

You watched the others with a grin as they all went under
But now the storm is closing in, can you hear can you hear can you hear the thunder
So what's the matter did that smart remark stick in your throat
Things are getting serious now we're all stuck in the same boat

You watched so many of us drown in your own time
Now you're asking us to throw you a lifeline
Track Name: Dancing to a Different Song
You're seeing things in a different light
When you're snared on the teeth of the poverty trap
The hardest thing to do is to do what's right
And never look down and never look back

I've been right, I've been wrong
It feels like I'm dancing to a different song
It won't take me that long
It feels like I'm dancing to a different song

Every penny is a journey heading to a pound
Every day I'm feeling poorer when you're not around
I find it hard to put these feelings and these words on show
I don't know if I told you but I hope you know
Track Name: What You See
Some things are better left unsaid
I'll try to make it less complicated
I'm not saying I wish that you were dead
But this world would be a better place without you here

And I'll find pleasure when you grow old and die alone
It's all that you deserve

What you see ain't always what you get

The only thing in your life is your job
Don't think about the empty nights, don't think about the mates you lost
Track Name: Ricochet
Been walking right into oblivion
Been wondering where all of these years have gone
Been incinerating bridges now there's nothing left to burn
But I've tried my best to understand the things I had to learn

Ricochet, we hope for a ricochet

We dream of things that just might pull us through
Did things work out the way you really wanted to

Ricochet, we hope for a ricochet
Been incinerating bridges now there's nothing left to burn
But I've tried my best to understand the things I had to learn
Track Name: News of the World
They say pride it comes before a fall, there's no sympathy from us at all
Did they stitch you up hang you out to dry, well now it's you they'll crucify

Another Sunday expose, you're still preaching to the choir
Like the headlines used to say, there's no smoke without a fire

Is freedom as good as it looks, from the front of the paper

I hope you like the irony, do you feel the same about privacy
Now you're living in the public eye, your every word is amplified
Track Name: Yesterday's Heroes
Sometimes joy and sometimes pain, there's sometimes sun but mostly rain
From birth to death we accept it's they way it goes
You can't defect and you can't choose, you sometimes win but mostly lose
This ear is glued to this transistor radio

The black, the green
White light shines inbetween
It takes me to a place I used to know and love

They were yesterday's heroes, but the fire's still burning bright tonight, allright

Through decades memory starts to fade, we moved into a modern age
These parasites are rewriting history
Track Name: Ready to Fall
We surround ourselves with hearts and minds that have faith in
There comes a point in time when we decide if this judgements misplaced

And if you wanted to be here, then I'd rather be alone

You find out who your mates are when you're ready to fall

We all need a hand from time to time when we've got problems
When so called mates draw a line in the sand it's time to drop them
Track Name: Take It or Leave It
Seasick and you're never gonna change it, is today the day to start again
I lack the education to explain it, I know where just tell me when

And in this world you're the only one that's right
It's all I know tonight

Take it or leave it

When you walk with the step of a victim, then a victims all that you'll become
Realise that they're never gonna listen, and your first battles already won

And in this world you're the only one that's right
It's all I need tonight

Out on a limb today, transfix or turn away
The blackest night precedes the brightest day
Track Name: It's Over
We feel our best days are yet to come
Yet we'll live lives feeling lonely

Don't feel like waking up

It's over before it's begun

Tonight pinpricks in night curtain shine bright
We're drops in this ocean

Just wait and see, we're trying to believe
But we live in mediocrity
Track Name: Love and Devotion
The words they form but they stall in my throat
I'm trying my best to stay afloat
I swear my intentions not to deceive
Are these moments all we have or are these moments all we need

If we stay silent and there's no motion
They would not hear a thing

I left this heart, under the ocean
I buried these words, under the sea
The city she gives me, love and devotion
She sets me free

It took me more than a while to believe
That I'm lucky to have been given this disease
Over time I saw it as a gift
Woven with the innate power to enrich

I've spent years perfecting this lack of emotion
They would not feel a thing